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Welcome to our Wholesale Nursery
In 2002, we opened our nursery in Farmington with the goal of providing our customers with high quality products at competitive prices.  A lot has changed since then, including our relocation to Lodi, California, but our commitment to these goals remain the same.  As a family business we pride ourselves on delivering the best product(s) available with superior personal service.  Through our parent company, Fleming Nursery Sales, Inc. located in Woodburn Oregon, we are able to utilize our vast resources to locate hard-to-find specimen(s), and ensure our customers are satisfied.


Rhododendron c. 'Boursault'

Springtime is Quickly Approaching

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Plant Availability

Pinus a. 'Bristlecone' Pine

Our April 2018 availability is now available!
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New Arrivals!


Camellia j. 'C.M. Wilson'

We recieve weekly deliveries from Fleming Nursery Sales, Inc.!

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